Former Undergraduate Researchers

photo of Lunte research group with Jayhawk statue
Former Undergraduate Researchers in Sue Lunte Research Group
NameDates in Lunte GroupAffiliation
Lai, Billy Yu-Hang1994 - 1995KU Chemistry student; now Deputy Director, SGS International Logistics, Hong Kong
Bighorse, Takara2010 - 2011Bridge/RISE Program
Bloedt, Jonas2008 - 2009Atlantis Program
Duffy, Emer2009 - 2010Atlantis Program
Snyder, Christa2010REU student from Wittenberg University, OH
Jensen, Derek2010 - 2011KU Chemistry student
Krauss, Shannon2012REU student from Keene State College, NH
Mainz, Emilie2009 - 2011KU Chemistry student
Meyler, Roy2010 - 2011Atlantis Program
Trull, Keelan2013REU student from Benedictine College, KS
Longanecker, Andrew2011 - 2013KU Chemistry student
Reid, Erin2011 - 2013KU Chemistry student
Evans, Erin2012 - 2014KU Chemistry student
Skillett, Paige2014REU student from Hastings College, NE
Abbi, Esha2015REU student from Dublin City University, Ireland
Gonzalez, Ricardo2015 - 2016NIH IMSD Program
Fiorentino, Vincent2015 - 2018Bridge/RISE Program
Schöneich, Sonia2016 - 2018KU Chemistry student
Davis, Christian2016REU student from Huntingdon College, AL
O'Donnell, Fergus2017REU student from Dublin City University, Ireland
Sherifi, Geldon2018REU student from Dublin City University, Ireland
Melton, Garet2017 - 2020KU Chemistry student
Paige, Alexis2017 - 2020KU Chemistry student
Barybin, Anton2018 - 2022KU Chemistry student
Stegmaier, Riley2019 - 2023KU Chemistry student
Wolfmule, Gavin2022 - 2023KU Chemistry student
photo of Andrew Longanecker presenting at poster session

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