Visiting Faculty and Scientists

Fracassi and Sue outside in downtown Lawrence
Visiting Faculty and Students in Sue Lunte Research Group
NameDates in Lunte Group
Watanabe, Nori1998 - 1990 (summers)
Weber, Paul (Macro-ROA)1991 (summer); 1993 - 1994 (sabbatical)
Nussbaum, Mark (Macro-ROA with C.M. Riley)1989 (summer)
Gray, Gary (Macro-ROA)1992 (summer)
Miranda, Divina (Macro-ROA)1995 (summer)
Deng, Yuanjian (Macro-ROA)1996 (summer)
Regan, Fiona1997 (summer)
Dunlap, Christopher J. (Macro-ROA)1998 (summer)
Fukushima, Takeshi1999 (July - September)
Kikura-Hanajiri, Ruri2000 - 2001
Suzuki, Nobuyuki2005 - 2007
da Silva, Fracassi2010 - 2011
Suntornsuk, Leena (Fulbright Scholar)2014 - 2015
Büyüktuncel, Saliha Ebru2016 - 2018
Lunte group members at Universal Studios

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